Supplying Cape Town with Biodegradable and Sustainable Products

100% Biodegradable Straws and Packaging

Our Straws and Packaging have no chemical additives ensuring non-toxicity, breaking down back to CO2, water and biomass, which are renewable resources. Our products don’t leach toxins into the environment and any inks used for branding are eco-friendly too.







At The Bru Group it’s not only our love for the ocean and being able to enjoy the beach that has driven us to want to make a difference. Take a look around and see how much plastic pollution is scattered everywhere you look; it’s this that has formed our passion to MAKE a difference.

All our products are sourced and we take care to ensure that they are 100% biodegradable and/or sustainable and our consultancy services enable you to make the change to becoming green with as little disruption to your business as possible.


Wanting to go green? Don’t know where to start? Let us assist you with making the change with the least amount of disruption to your business as possible.  We can tailor make a package that suits your budget and needs. Our services include, going green, staff training, customised product research and implementation, green marketing awareness solutions.


We offer a standard range of products that we are able to supply but we are able to source almost anything biodegradable and we can have them customised. We don’t mind taking the time to get you what you need as long as we are doing our bit to save our PLANET, my bru!

Bagasse Containers are great alternatives to polystyrene

Bagasse Packaging

Our Bagasse packaging looks great & keeps food fresh too.

Kraft Boxes - Alternative Take- Away boxes

Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are a great alternative to plastic or foam.

Enviromentally friendly Pizza Boxes

Pizza Boxes

Eco-friendly Pizza Boxes made from recycled materials

Biodegradable Food Truck Containers

Food Truck Boxes

Come in all shapes and forms. Ideal for Food Markets etc

Eat on the Street Multi-Use Boxes

Eat On The Street

Eat-On-The-Street” Multi-use boxes open up into a plate.
No Fuss, No Mess.

Recyclable PLA Straws - Great Plastic Straw Alternative

PLA Straws

PLA straws are made from corn starch and are 100% biodegradable.

Reusable and Transportable Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Straws

Our Bamboo Straws are reusable & dishwasher safe. These make a great gift.

Paper Straws in various coliurs & designs

Paper Straws

Paper Straws come in many colours & designs. 100% compostable & recyclable.


It’s important as times change that we diversify to meet the needs of our customers and society as a whole.
We now offer cleaning products and solutions for all industries. Other items to be added soon!

5L Alchospray Surface and Hand Sanitiser

Alcospray Sanitiser

5L Surface & hand sanitiser. Ready to use disinfectant sanitising spray.

New Cleaning Products being Added

Coming Soon

There will be more cleaning solutions added in the very near future.

New Cleaning Products being Added

Coming Soon

There will be more cleaning solutions added in the very near future.

New Cleaning Products being Added

Coming Soon

There will be more cleaning solutions added in the very near future.


Our products are as durable and hardy, with the same exceptional qualities of plastic, they are so similar it is hard to tell the difference. In stores, our products won’t start decomposing for 12 – 18 months, and even longer if kept cool and dry.

Our Corn starch (PLA) products will decompose in an open or turned landfill, or within your home composting bin along with your kitchen or garden waste. The exterior packaging of all our straws are also made from PLA and will biodegradable in the same process.

Yes, our products can be thrown in your home compost bin along with your kitchen and garden waste. It takes around 1 to 3 months for corn starch to decompose in the right conditions.

Home composting, if done properly, can have benefits compared to landfilling and burning of organic waste.

How quickly our product decompose is up to the environmental conditions. Exposure to the sun’s UV will accelerate the degradation process and high temperatures. With all biodegradable materials, an oxygen-rich environment plays a part. Without oxygen the degradation is dormant. To keep our products (12 – 18 months) for as long as possible, we recommend storing them in a cool, dark place.

There are two types of landfills to be mindful of. An open or turned landfill exposes our products to UV, moisture and oxygen, speeding up the process of decomposition. It typically takes between 1 – 3 months for our corn starch alternatives to decompose in this environment.

Conversely, an anaerobic or locked landfill will prevent this process. Not even a banana peel will decompose. Please be sure to check with your local council before disposing of our products in your green waste bin.

Kraft boxes are both eco-friendly and compostable and are a great alternative to plastic and foam take away containers. Our kraft boxes are made from wood pulp, sourced from responsibly managed & sustainable forests. Our Kraft boxes are of a higher durability, making them tear resistant. Some of our Kraft products are lined with water resistant, plant based and biodegradable coatings.

Bagasse is the dry pulpy residue left after the extraction of juice from sugar cane and then moulded into take away containers, plates, bowls and cutlery. Bagasse products are heat-stable, microwave safe, grease-resistant and sturdy enough for all of your food needs and is one of the best eco-friendly options available. Bagasse is 100% biodegradable and so much better for our planet that foam or plastic because it reduces energy consumption and pollution.

PLA is the shortened version of Polylactic acid and is a biodegradable source derived from starch such as corn starch, chips or sugarcane. PLA is a natural alternative and when composted in a commercial composting facility will decompose in 90 days or less. PLA straws are a great alternative to plastic straws and can be wrapped or unwrapped. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes and can either have branding on the straws themselves or on the wrapping. PLA straws are one of the most popular straws around nowdays.

With an increasing awareness of plastic and its devastating effects on our environment, we now have biodegradable and sustainable products being produced to remove single use plastics completely.

Plastic has been devastating our oceans and land since the 1900’s and it is estimated that in a few thousand years, our oceans will have more plastic than sea life.

Studies have shown that plastic pollution affects at least 700 marine species, while some estimates suggest that at least 100 million marine mammals are killed each year from plastic pollution.

Helping reduce YOUR Eco Footprint




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